Monday, April 30, 2018

Father John Boughton Knight 1909 - 1994

John Davison,who lived in Oakwood Road from 1936 to 1961, and was married in St Jude's, recently revisited the church, and remembered Father John Boughton Knight who was curate here from 1944 to 1948.

"The priest at the time, back in 1945 was "Pop" John Knights and he was a breath of fresh air after the war and was a regular visitor to the weekly cub and scout nights. He was also very involved in the Whist Drive nights and annual jumble sales both of which were run by the Troop."

John Knight was born in Hove in 1909. His brother was the artist Charles Knight (1901 - 1990) who was Princess Margaret's art teacher.


Leigh Hatts JOHN KNIGHT was rarely extrovert in the pulpit, although his well- prepared sermons usually included at least one mention of a stage show, an actor or a film star. But the gentle priest did admit to being 'a frustrated actor and singer trying to get out of a shy exterior' and elsewhere he could do an impressive Liberace impersonation in costume, turn into a Cockney dame or become a Somerset yokel. . .

John Boughton Knight, priest: born Hove 15 May 1909; ordained deacon 1936, priest 1937; died London 1 February 1994.,-charles-1901-1990