Thursday, November 24, 2011

Do You Believe in Magic?

Do You Believe in Magic? is a three-part television documentary made in 2003 and filmed in part at St Jude's.

It is described as "A look at how mankind's beliefs and faiths have changed throughout the last 2000 years. From Paganism to modern religions, our times may have changed, but have our fundamental beliefs stayed the same?"

As part of our study programme we will be showing the first part of the series on Tuesday 6 December at 8pm followed by time for discussion and simple refreshments. The meeting will take place at a parishioner’s house and so places are limited. Please sign up on the list at the back of the church or send an email to the Vicar if you would like to join us.

The first programme looks at: “How Christianity arrived in Britain in the late sixth century, co-opting the rites of paganism into its own rituals. But even up until the end of the Civil War desire for magic was strong - it was a fundamental part of life, be it going to a local Cunning Man; consulting an astrologer; communing with angels or taking Holy Communion. The Protestant Church endeavoured to flush the magic out - branding it the devil's work - but for most people it remained a vital part of life.”