Friday, November 27, 2009

Brookland School Visit

Brookland Junior School Year 3 paid their annual visit to St Jude's on 13 October. Being very well brought up and educated children every single one of them wrote a letter of thanks to the Vicar.

Archbishops’ statement on swine flu

Following consultation with the Department of Health, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have recommended that the normal administration of Holy Communion ought to resume.

The full statement to the College of Bishops reads:

Dear Bishop,

In July, during the first wave of the Swine Flu pandemic we issued national advice with regard to the administration of Holy Communion.

This advice was based on information and guidance received from the Department of Health which was geared to the situation at that time and the projected levels of risk suggested by the potential course of the pandemic. Since then the scientific understanding of the Swine Flu virus has advanced, further experience of the course of the epidemic has been gained, and the first stage of a vaccination programme, targeted at those most at risk from the virus, is nearing completion.

Throughout this period, our advice has been driven by the interests of public health, particularly for the protection of the vulnerable.

In the light of continuing consultation with the Department of Health, and with updated information on the course of the Swine Flu pandemic, we believe that we can now advise that the normal administration of Holy Communion ought to resume.

This recommendation is subject to the guidelines issued in June which set out good hygiene practice for public worship and which allows for local discretion in the event of outbreaks of pandemic flu in particular centres of population. We shall also continue to monitor the situation.

We wish to thank you for your patience and cooperation during this challenging period for both Church and Community. We are thankful that the pandemic has so far proved less severe than was feared.

Please pass this on to your colleagues in the diocese.

With every blessing,

+Rowan Cantuar +Sentamu Ebor

Advent Calendar

Take time out this Advent to slow down and consider your lifestyle with daily challenges and thoughts. The Church of England online Advent Calendar contains a range of reflections, actions and video clips.

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