Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Do you know who they are?

Can you help us identify these Suburb residents who appear in the 1975 film?


  1. No 1 is the Rev Michael Porteus, No2 is The Rev Peter Barraclough, No 4 the Rabbi at a local Synagogue? name, No 7 the late Len Pottiphar, No 10 the late Eileen Whelan, and No 18 the then Chair of the RA Andrew Sharman

  2. No 3 I'm told is Jean Barraclough and friend, I'd really like to know who the smart gentleman is in No 11

  3. Update after showing the film at Fellowship :No 3 is of Molly and Jean Barnard identified by their cousin!and the little boy in No:9 was probably Ben Macarthy and I remember a Macarthy family living there in the 1970s