Thursday, March 04, 2010

How to find us

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The H2 bus runs from Golders Green station (actually from the former trolleybus turning circle in Finchley Road) every 12 minutes in the daytime until 2015 then evey 15 minutes on the quarter hour. Alight at Heathgate or the top of Northway (several minutes later). Beware of the H3 which will take you off in the wrong direction. Because these routes are circular services they always, rather unhelpfully, now show 'Golders Green' as the destination, but have 'via Garden Suburb' on the side . H1 buses to 'Henrietta Barnett School' will also bring you to Heathgate. The services all run on the 'hail and ride' system so if you set off walking you will not find any stops - just wave at the driver.