Sunday, January 10, 2010

Songs of Praise 17 January 2010

Songs of Praise comes from St Jude's on Sunday 17 January at 17:00

Rhydian Roberts

Diane Louise Jordan

"Diane-Louise Jordan discovers the intriguing story behind Hampstead Garden Suburb, a unique community in North West London created by a vicar's wife a century ago. There is music from special guest Rhydian Roberts, as well as hymns old and new from the parish church of St Jude-on-the-Hill."

During the recording: photos by Susie Gregson

Factsheet for Sunday 17th January
Presented by Diane Louise Jordan from Hampstead.


Alison Creedon
Hampstead Garden Suburb a Century Ago:Alison has made a study of Dame Henrietta Barnett, who was the inspiration behind Hampstead Garden Suburb. Her interview gives an insight into Henrietta’s character and work as a social reformer in the East End. She explains the ideology which underpinned the development of the suburb as a place where all social classes could live together in harmony.

David Davidson
Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust David takes Diane on a tour of the Suburb and shows her some of the unique features included in the plans, including the Twittens which are a series of green corridors linking the residents to each other.

Toynbee Hall
Toynbee Hall in London’s East End was set up by Dame Henrietta and her husband Canon Samuel Barnett. It began as a University settlement where people from Oxford University could come and experience life among the disadvantaged, but has grown into an organisation offering educational and social programmes for people living in the local area. Diane interviewed Toynbee Hall’s Chief Executive, Graham Fisher and other workers and volunteers.

Susie Gregson
Susie has lived in the Suburb for most of her life. She was the inspiration for the annual music festival The Proms At St Jude’s which raises money for Toynbee Hall and North London Hospice.

Diane-Louise Jordan
Karen Hannah
Executive Producer
Tommy Nagra

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saint Jude's-in-the-snow

Saint Jude's-in-the-snow from some less familiar angles.

Photo by John Wheeler

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Monsignor Graham Leonard

Bishop Graham ordains the Vicar (second from the left) to the diaconate in 1984

The death is announced today (6 January) of Monsignor Graham Leonard, formerly Bishop of London. He was the most senior Anglican churchman to convert to the Roman Catholic Church since the Reformation.
Bishop Richard writes: "As Bishop of Willesden and then after a spell in Cornwall, as Bishop of London for ten years, Graham Leonard served the Diocese with faithfulness and a particular care for its large number of Church Schools. He will be mourned by his many friends and colleagues and our hearts go out in sympathy to Priscilla who played such a significant part in Bishop Graham's London ministry".
May he rest in peace.

St Jude's for 'Barnet Olympic Landmark'?

RESIDENTS have been asked to vote on their top Barnet landmark, which will represent the borough in the Olympics. The 2012 organisers have asked residents of all London boroughs to take part in a competition to find the icon that best represents their area. Each borough must nominate a shortlist of four landmarks, which will then be put to a public vote. The winning entries will be made into a badge being produced for each borough, to promote the Games in the run-up to 2012.

Suggestions include The Dollis Viaduct; the spire of St Jude’s-on-the-Hill, in Hampstead Garden Suburb; St John’s the Baptist Church, in High Barnet; the archer statue, in East Finchley tube station; Tudor Hall, in Barnet; Arckley Mill. in yew tree, in St Andrew's Churchyard, Totteridge; and the Toll Gate, in Hadley.

Send your choice, or choices, to

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Epiphany celebrates the visit of the 'Magi' (the wise men) to the infant Jesus. Starmer's painting in St Jude's portrays them as oriental kings travelling with a magnificent train and carrying lavish gifts. The word 'epiphany' means 'manifestation' and refers to the interpretation of the Magi as the representatives of the Gentiles reconizing the Jewish Messiah as the Lord of the World.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Hire the church or hall

Church Bookings:

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Sara Gibbins

New Year's Eve 2009

Photographs by Cesar Rodriguez-Duran

Around 200 local residents gathered in St Jude's Church last night for drinks before the Residents Association firework display on the Square. This has been an annual tradition since the Millennium eve in 1999. The tolling of the bell of St Jude's at midnight is the signal for the fireworks to begin.

1 January in the Church of England Calendar is the Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Jesus. It is not, of course, the 'Christian' New Year (the Vicar usually gets a couple of phone calls asking about 'New Year' services); indeed no day is so-designated (probably because of Christian opposition to astrology). The liturgical year begins on Advent Sunday, while the Feast of the Annunciation or Lady Day on 25 March was observed as the day of the year change in England until 1752.