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Remembrance Day United Service at the Free Church 11 November 2018

Roll of Honour 1914-1919

St Jude-on-the-Hill

First World War Memorials

The church has two memorials to the fallen of the First World War.

The longer, begun in late 1916 on the outside of the east end of the church, is now to be found in the south-west porch. 

The other is part of the mural scheme in the Lady Chapel painted by Walter Starmer from 1919. 

All the names on the latter also appear on the former. 

It is not completely clear how the lists relate to each other, although the shorter list appears to be of those who had a closer connection with the parish.

This list combines all the names from both memorials.

Those marked LC appear on both memorials.

Those marked GG are also recorded on the Golders Green War Memorial.

Those marked FC are also recorded on the memorial in the Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church.

Service details are taken from the records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission supplemented with (often quite detailed) material from PP the St Jude’s Parish Paper

Abel, Harry Bernard LC GG
Died 19/08/1918
Aged 27
10th Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)
Formerly Royal Flying Corps.
Son of William Abel, of 29, Pattison Rd., Child's Hill, Hendon
husband of Constance Abel, of 82, Bridge Lane, Golders Green

Allan, Hugh
Flight Sub-Lieutenant
Died 06/07/1917
Aged 20
No. 3 Sqdn. Royal Naval Air Service
Son of Lt. Col. Sir Hugh Montagu Allan and Lady Allan,
of "Ravenscrag," Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Balfour, Percy LC
Lieutenant Colonel
Died 12/12/1917
Aged 42
3rd Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment and Highland Light Inf.,
attd. 2nd/7th Bn Worcestershire Regiment
Husband of Maude Edith Balfour of Hampstead Way
Son of James Balfour of of 5, North Sq., Golders Green
PP 21 December 1917 25 January 1918

Beairsto, Wendell Phillips Brooks
Died 06/10/1916
Aged 23
1st Bde. Canadian Field Artillery
Son of Peter MacNutt and Margaret Louise Beairsto,
of Charlottetown. Prince Edward Island.

Beningfield, John Philip
Died 27/04/1915
Aged 23
59th Bty. Royal Field Artillery
Son of the late Col. John William and Mrs Phoebe E. Randle Beningfield,
of 9, Elsworthy Rd., Hampstead

Beningfield, Maurice Victor
Second Lieutenant
Died 10/03/1915
Aged 17
1st Bn. Worcestershire Regiment. Enlisted in Artists Rifles, Aug. 1914.
Son of the late Col. John William and Mrs Phoebe E. Randle Beningfield,
of 9, Elsworthy Rd., Hampstead

Bird, John W GG
Second Lieutenant
Died 21/12/1917
Household Battalion
Blyth, D C LC GG
Second Lieutenant
Died 28/08/1915
93rd Coy. Royal Engineers

Bourchier, Arthur George Evelyn
Second Lieutenant
Died 09/05/1915
2nd Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment

Bourchier, Philip Claud Walter
Died 01/07/1916
1st/14th Bn. London Regiment (London Scottish)
[Brother of Basil Bourchier (Vicar)]

Bower, William Carroll
Second Lieutenant
Died 09/08/1916
Aged 20
1st Bn. King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
Son of William and Edith Corinna Bower, late of Hendon

Cave, George Bourchier
(?) = Cave, George H. Windsor
Died 31/08/1918
Aged 26
8th Bn. Canadian Infantry
Son of Mrs. Lucy Windsor, of 232, Harriett St., San Francisco.

Charles, William Leslie FC
12th London Regiment (Rangers)
Died 09/04/1917
Aged 18
Son of Mr. and Mrs. W E Charles of 95 Erskine Hill
PP 27 April 1917

Chittenden, Arthur G LC
Second Lieutenant
Died 21/08/1917
Royal Field Artillery

Coulson, Leslie LC
Died 08/10/1916
Aged 27
2nd/2nd Bn. London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)
attd. 12th Bn. London Regiment (The Rangers)
Son of Frederick Raymond Coulson and Ada Mary Coulson,
of 68, Corringham Rd., Golders Green.
Former Fleet Street journalist and war poet.
Author of "From an Outpost and Other Poems".

Curry, Edgar LC
Died 15/06/1915
Aged 26
"C" Coy. 5th Bn. Seaforth Highlanders
Son of Emma Curry, of Twyford Lodge, Torrington Park, North Finchley, and
the late W. Curry; husband of Mrs. Beatrice Hammond (formerly Curry),
of "Rocklands", Talbot Avenue, East End Rd., East Finchley.

Davy, Nelson
Died 08/08/1915
Aged 34
Wellington Regiment, N.Z.E.F.

Doswell, Richard Turner LC
Died 24/04/1917
Aged 22
"A" Bty. 52nd Bde. Royal Field Artillery
Son of Henry and Louisa Doswell, of Golders Green.
PP 11 May 1917

Doxsey, Albert Laurence FC
Died 13/11/1916
Aged 25
17th Bn. Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge’s Own)
Son of Albert Benjamin and Annie Doxsey,
of Durlestone, Heathgate, Hendon.

Edingborough, Noel Duncan LC
Second Lieutenant
Died 01/07/1916
15th Bn. Middlesex Regiment attd. 109th Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)

Eliot, Geoffrey Lionel LC
Second Lieutenant
Died 02/07/1917
Royal Flying Corps and General List
Addison Way
PP 13 July and 14 September 1917

Fletcher, William George LC
Second Lieutenant
Died 03/07/1916
Aged 22
11th Bn. North Staffordshire attd. 2nd Bn. South Lancashire Regiment
Son of Robert and Nora Fletcher, of 19, Wadham Gardens, South Hampstead.
Brother of Mrs Gamage
PP 21 July 1916

Fripp, John Trude
Second Lieutenant
Died 13/10/1915
3rd Bn. attd. 1st/4th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment

Frost, John Henry Deeble LC
Died 08/05/1917
Aged 34
2nd/4th Bn. Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
Son of Francis and Marion Frost; husband of Helen Frost,
of 16, Oakwood Rd., Golders Green.

Gordon, Adrian Charles LC
Lieutenant Colonel
DSO Mentioned in Despatches
Died 12/12/1917
Aged 26
235th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
Son of Charles Wood Gordon and Florence Gordon.
PP 21 and 28 December 1917

Gordon, Victor Frederick ‘Billy’ LC
Died 01/07/1918
Aged 27
King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry attd. Trench Mortar Bty.
Heath Drive
PP 5 and 12 July 1918

Graham, Robert Main
Second Lieutenant
Died 04/10/1916
Aged 25
10th Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
Son of Isabella Graham, of "Claremont", 73, Millbrae Rd., Langside, Glasgow,
and the late Daniel Graham.

Grant, Harcourt R LC GG
Second Lieutenant
Died 04/11/1918
80th Sqdn. Royal Air Force

Greenhill, Reginald Fowler LC
Died 01/01/1918
Aged 22
15th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
Only son of Mrs. and the late Dr. S. F. Greenhill,
of 9, Bank St., Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.
PP 21 December 1917 and 4 January 1918

Gregory, John George
Second Lieutenant
Died 08/01/1916
Aged 21
6th Bn. London Regiment (City of London Rifles)
Son of Frederick Wright Gregory and Adelaide Margaret Gregory,
of 190, New Cross Rd., London.
Soho friend of BGB
PP 21 January 1916

Griffith, Percy William LC
Died 17/04/1917
Aged 38
2nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers
Husband of Alice Maud Griffith, of 98, Willifield Way

Ground, John Kingston
Second Lieutenant
Died 19/06/1916
Aged 29
10th Bn. Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
Son of Edward and Eleanor Ground, of Maidstone.

Hemming, Archibald Selvin LC
Died 23/03/1918
Aged 29
14th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment
Son of Selvin and Ada Elizabeth Hemming (nee Verrinder)
of Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Hemming, William Norman LC
Second Lieutenant
Died 15/11/1917
Aged 21
65th Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps and General List
Son of Alison A. Millar (formerly Hemming), of High School House,
Simonstown, Cape Province, and the late William Quiney Hemming.
PP 7 Decemebr 1917

Herford, Francis Mackay LC
Died 24/04/1915
Aged 19
1st/9th Bn. London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)
Son of Henry Francis Herford, barrister
Educated Charterhouse
PP 14 and 21 May 1915

Hills, Frederick Mervyn LC
Second Lieutenant
Died 27/07/1917
Aged 34
3rd Bn. attd. 2nd Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment
Son of Edward and Eliza Ann Hills, of Lenworth, Maidstone, Kent.

Hort, Horatio Blunt LC
Died 09/10/1917
Aged 37
2nd Bn. formerly 1st Bn. Honourable Artillery Company
Son of the late Edward and Mary Hort.

Hunt, Geoffrey Albert LC GG
Second Lieutenant
Died 06/09/1917
Aged 18
Royal Flying Corps. Served also in London Scottish.
Son of Albert Edwin and Olie Ashton Hunt, of 49, Rotherwick Road
Educated at Eastbourne College, University College School.
Ashes buried beneath Calvary (possibly first such burial)
PP 10 May 1918

Killingrey, Montague Percy
Acting Bombardier
Died after discharge 1915
Royal Field Artillery

Lewis, Henry William LC
Died 04/05/1917
Aged 39
1st/5th Bn. London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)
Husband of Edith Mary Lewis, of 44, Cranley Rd., Westcliff-on-Sea.

Longworth, Frederick John
Died 10/11/1918
Aged 25
9th Bde. Canadian Field Artillery
Son of Louise C. Longworth, of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island,
and the late John A. Longworth.

Marson, John Charles LC
Second Lieutenant
Died 08/08/1915
Aged 19
Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and 8th Bn. Welsh Regiment
Only son of Clotilda Marson, of 86, Oakwood Rd
and the late Rev. Charles Latimer Marson, Vicar of Hambridge, Somerset.
PP 14 3 September 1915

McCormick, Harry
Second Lieutenant
Died 08/05/1917
Aged 43
5th East Lancashire Regiment and Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
Son of the Rev. R. McCormick and Mrs. Jessie McCormick, of Johannesburg;
husband of Kathleen McCormick, of Fishhoek, Cape Province, South Africa.

Murdock, John Gordon LC
Died 22/09/1915
7th Bn. South Lancashire Regiment

Niblett, Arthur Hilton
Second Lieutenant
Died 21/09/1916
Royal Engineers
PP 29 September 1916

Oliver, Kenneth FC
Air Mechanic 2nd Class (Gunner Observer)
Died 23/04/1917
Aged 19
55th Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps
Son of Richard Alfred and Minnie Oliver,
of 183, Hampstead Way
PP 4 May 1917

Orriss, Howard Victor LC GG
Died 16/08/1917
Aged 25
1st/5th Bn. London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)
Son of Clifford Steggall Orriss and Alice Mary Orriss,
of 10, Decoy Avenue, Golders Green.
PP 14 September 1917

Parker, Ralph Windsor LC
Died 28/03/1918
Aged 27
3rd Bn.Grenadier Guards
Younger son of Jane Blanche Parker, of Bourne Lodge, Bridge, Canterbury,
and the late Col. Harry W. Parker (18th Hussars).
Born at Brashfield, Bicester, Oxon.
PP 5 April 1918

Parry, John Charles LC FC
Died 25/11/1917
Aged 20
6th Bn. Essex Regiment
Son of John and Mary Ann Parry

Pearson, George Frank LC
Died 16/09/1916
Aged 25
1st/5th Bn. London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)
Son of George and Margaret Pearson,
of 31, Sarre Rd., Cricklewood

Porter, Edgar Roland
Died 08/10/1916
Aged 37
1st/5th Bn. London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)
Son of John Henry and Rosetta Mary Porter, of Southampton;
husband of Harriet Alice (Hetty) Porter, of 167, Hampstead Way
Born at Southampton.
Educated at King Edward VI School, Southampton
A clerk in the L.C.C

Raphael, John Edward LC
Died 11/06/1917
Aged 35
18th Bn. King's Royal Rifle Corps
Son of Harriette Raphael, of 5, Wild Hatch, Hendon,
and the late Albert Raphael.
Former England International Rugby Football player.
PP 22 June 1917

Reed, Gerald Francis Woolterton
Mentioned in Despatches
Died 21/03/1918
Aged 22
8th Bn. Border Regiment
Son of Thomas Allen Woolterton Reed and Ida Reed,
of The Inglenook, Rode Hill, Rode, Bath.
PP 5 May 1918

Richards, Ronald Edward Mackenzie LC
Died 14/11/1914
Aged 19
"D" Coy. 1st/14th Bn. London Regiment (London Scottish)
Son of Lilian Annie Richards,
of 7, Meadway Close, Meadway, Golders Green,
and the late Frederick Edward Richards

Romer, Guy Frederick LC
Second Lieutenant
Died 03/05/1916
Aged 25
13th Bn. Middlesex Regiment
Only son of Emily Romer, of 118, Hampstead Way
and the late Henry Sutherland Romer.
Native of Great Malvern, Worcs.
Scholar of Malvern College and Guy's Hospital

Shaw, Bernard Hudson LC
Second Lieutenant
Died 22/01/1917
13th Bn. Cheshire Regiment
Son of Reverend Hudson Shaw of 13 North Square
PP 9 and 16 February 1917

Shelley, Philip John
Second Lieutenant LC
Died 31/07/1917
Aged 20
"C" Bty. 83rd Bde. Royal Field Artillery
Erskine Hill
Son of Samuel and Maude Mary Shelley,
of Hillboro Cottage, Vernon Rd., Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.
Educated at Holborn Estate Grammar School.
Member of the Crusader Union.
PP 10 August 1917

Snell, Leslie
Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)
(?) = Snell, John Leslie O'Brien
Died 03/05/1917
Aged 18
39th Bty. 10th Bde. Canadian Field Artillery
Son of Mrs. F. E. and the late Mr. R. G. Snell.

Spooner, Romer Daniel
Died 10/11/1917
Aged 39
2nd Bn. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
Son of Daniel and Amy Eliza Spooner; husband of E. M. Spooner,
of 31, Erskine Hill
PP 30 November 1917

Stannard, John Arnold LC GG
Died 23/04/1918
Aged 21
5th Bn. Hampshire Regiment
Son of Frederick John and Kate Beatrice Stannard,
of 44, Ashbourne Avenue, Temple Fortune.
PP 3 May 1918

Streather, Edward Harry Parsons LC GG
Died 11/09/1917
Aged 18
70th Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Streather,
of "Dane Court," The Bishop's Avenue
PP 5 October 1917 (reported missing)

Stringer, Frederick William LC
Lieutenant Colonel
Died 30/06/1916
Aged 43
Army Service Corps
Son of Henry and Hariett Stringer, of New Romney;
husband of Ruby Lowell Stringer,
of 7, St. Mark's Court, London, N.W.8.
PP 14 July 1916

Swinburne, Thomas Reid LC
Flight Sub-Lieutenant
Died 08/06/1917
Aged 19
No. 1 Sqdn. Royal Naval Air Service
Son of Thomas Baker Swinburne, and M. H. Swinburne,
of Moss Grange, Finchley.

Taylor, Herbert Percival Platt LC GG
Died 20/02/1919 Lichfield Military Hospital
Aged 32
4th/1st Bn. Cambridgeshire Regiment
transf. 495th Agricultural Coy.
Labour Corps
Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Taylor, of Oakwood Rd., Golders Green,
previously 33 Temple Grove, Golders Green
Husband of Gladys May Taylor, of 30, Fallow Court Avenue, North Finchley.

Thomas, Herbert Owen LC
Lance Serjeant
Died 24/08/1916
Aged 23
"C" Coy. 6th Bn. Wiltshire Regiment
Son of the late Joseph and Elizabeth Thomas, of Child's Hill

Tonge, John
Mentioned in Despatches
Lieutenant Colonel
Died 19/04/1917
Aged 52
230th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
Brother of Frederic Tonge, of 11, Thomas St., Great Grimsby, Lincs.

Walsingham, John Henry FC
Died 06/05/1915
Aged 29
H.M.S. Lynn Royal Naval Reserve
Son of Henry and Kate Walsingham,
of "Exhall," 19, Willifield Way
PP 21 May 1915

Webb, G Harvey D
Died 29/03/1918
Aged 35
Royal Army Medical Corps
Son of John Cother Webb and Jane Webb, of London;
husband of Eva Harvey Webb, of 32, Park Drive, Hampstead.

Wedd, Herman LC GG
Second Lieutenant
Died 30/04/1917
Aged 31
3rd/1st (North Midland) Royal Garrison Artillery
Son of Thomas and Annie Wedd, of Boston, Lincs.
PP 11 May 1917

White, John Sydney Victor
Died 14/07/1917
Aged 19
"C" Bty., 102nd Bde. Royal Field Artillery
Son of the late Alexander and Zillah White, of Hampstead.
PP 27 July and 3 August 1917

Whyte, George Herbert LC GG
Died 23/12/1917
Aged 39
2nd/18th Bn. London Regiment (London Irish Rifles)
Son of George Whyte, M.A. and Kate E. Whyte (nee Bonnar);
husband of Ethel M. Whyte (nee Mallet), of 13, Willifield Way

Willats, Alton Henry
Died 07/09/1917
Aged 26
2nd/5th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
PP 21 September 1917

Willats, Horace Lennan LC
Died 17/12/1916
Aged 22
7th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment [7thTraining Reserve Battery]
Buried Highgate
PP 21 September 1917

Wood, Dudley William James LC
Died 26/03/1916
Aged 20
"A" Bty. 104th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
Son of Albert Edward and Helen Wood,
of "Okai," Beare Green, Dorking, Surrey.
PP 7 April 1016

Woodley, Stanley William GG
Second Lieutenant
Died 22/01/1917
Aged 20
10th Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps
Son of William Samuel and Rose Dora Woodley,
of "Woodview," 121, Erskine Hill
PP 16 March 1917

Wray, Ernest Warneford
Died 23/08/1917
Aged 32
517th London Field Coy. Royal Engineers
Son of the late James Eden Wray and Elizabeth Wray, of York;
husband of Mrs. F. Wray,
of 59, Cemetery Rd., Ipswich.
Associate of the Royal College of Art.
PP 14 September 1917

Reported in PP but not included in any of the memorials

2nd Lt Mark Denman Draper RFC
Aged 31
Eldest son of the Revd W. H. Draper, vicar of Adel, Leeds
Educated at Repton
Formerly of Artists’ Rifles
Killed in accident at Hendon
PP 2 March 1917

Lt Eric Mackenzie
of Hampstead Garden Suburb
PP 15 February 1918
H. F. Madders
of 87 Hampstead Way
PP 14 July 1916

Lt Humphrey Matthews RN
on HMS Hampshire
PP 16 June 1916

Compiled by Alan Walker

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The Calvary

Recent tree pruning has restored the street view of our magnificent Velasquez-style Calvary.