Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Liturgical processions (such as we had for Candlemas) are a feature of our life at St Jude's - indeed the church almost seems to have been designed for them. These illustrations, however, are all from outdoor processions.

  1. The Rt Revd Graham Leonard, then Bishop of Willesden, is escorted by Church Wardens Antony Rawlinson and Ernest Tietjen. Frank Parlett is MC. Is that the vicar, Robin Dunhill, acting as deacon on the bishop's right? Probably taken at the opening of the Church Rooms 6 May 1967.

The Bishop of London (Robert Stopford) preceded the Vicar Robin Dunhill (1963- 1973). The church warden on the left is Ernest Tietjen again. Colin Parlett, the server bringing up the procession, has probably been detailed to look after the bishop's mitre and crozier.

The Bishop of London (William Wand) preached at 10.00 High Mass on St Jude's Day (Sunday 28 October) 1945. The vicar, obscured by the sub-deacon, was William Maxwell Rennie (1936 - 1954). A churchwarden is hurrying to his position in front of the bishop.  A policeman stands guard. There were six other services that day - all taken by the curate the Rev'd John B Knight.